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Ath-M20Xbt Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Ath-M20Xbt Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

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Experience the epitome of wireless audio excellence with the Audio-Technica M20xBT wireless over-ear headphones. Boasting an astonishing 60-hour battery life, these headphones redefine endurance, ensuring uninterrupted music and calls throughout your day. The added convenience of Rapid Charge lets you indulge in hours of playback with just a short charging burst. Immerse yourself in studio-grade sound quality, as the M20xBT delivers crystal-clear audio with remarkable precision and depth. Elevate your listening experience with comfort and style, while the headphones effortlessly blend cutting-edge technology with exceptional design, making them an indispensable companion for audiophiles on the go.


Bluetooth Headphone

Long Battery Backup

Quick Charge

High quality sound

Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Embrace freedom with Audio-Technica M20xBT headphones. Enjoy seamless audio via Bluetooth, liberating your movement while experiencing premium sound quality and style.

60 Hour Battery Life

Uninterrupted indulgence awaits with Audio-Technica M20xBT headphones, offering an incredible 60-hour battery life for enduring, immersive listening experiences without constant recharging.

Rapid Charge

Stay connected effortlessly with Audio-Technica M20xBT headphones. Just 10 minutes of quick charging grants you an impressive 3 hours of immersive listening, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment on-the-go.

Studio Sound

Experience studio sound precision with Audio-Technica M20xBT headphones. Immerse yourself in rich, detailed audio that captures every nuance of your favorite music with unparalleled clarity and depth.

Premium Quality

Powerful 40 mm driver

With the 40 mm driver's emphasis on low frequencies, you'll feel the pulse of every beat, the deep resonance of basslines, and the subtle vibrations that make your favorite tracks truly immersive. Whether you're a dedicated audiophile seeking studio-quality sound or a casual listener looking for an upgrade, the M20xBT's driver ensures that every note, every chord, and every lyric resonates with pristine clarity.The power of the driver extends beyond specifications, encapsulating the passion and expertise of Audio-Technica's commitment to delivering superior sound. From the subtlest harmonies to the thunderous crescendos, these headphones let you rediscover your music library anew.

M series

The Legendary M-Series

Praised by top audio engineers and audio reviewers year after year, the M-Series has established itself as the headphones for those who put audio first.

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