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Addon C10 MKII Wireless | WiFi | Network Speaker

Addon C10 MKII Wireless | WiFi | Network Speaker

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Audio Pro C10 MKII has a clean design, balancing nicely between cold minimalism and beauty. This is especially true for the white version of the speaker, which I tested. Square-edged and angled slightly upwards on two rubber feet, the C10 MKII sits on a sideboard, casting an image of itself as something quietly confident in its power.
On its front, there are three drivers; one central 5.25-inch long-throw bass woofer, with two 0.75-inch textile dome tweeters on its left and right. There’s the option of protecting these elements from dust and damage with a removable front grille.

The grille on the white version is a light grey with a silver Audio Pro emblem. It’s not quite as cool as the open front; but, considering the added protection, it’s an acceptable trade-off. A nice touch here is that the grille connects via hidden magnets rather than push-sockets, meaning that the minimalist look of the C10 MKII isn’t undermined. A minor detail, but one which speaks to wider care for small touches.

The top of the C10 MKII is home to the user controls - a machine-metal plate that is neatly centred and slightly recessed into the panelling. The panel features a host of buttons (more on these later), with the central round volume control mimicking the position of the woofer.

Those familiar with the original C10 will notice that the leather carry handle isn't present. While for some the leather handle is an Audio Pro calling card, it's superfluous on the not-at-all-portable C10. It's a case of addition by subtraction, as it keeps the sleek design of the C10 MKII truly minimal.

On the rear of the C10 MKII, you’ll find speaker inputs and power connection, and bass exhaust. Here those familiar with the original C10 will note that the backplate has been extended, the inputs streamlined, and the exhaust enlarged.

Though the larger plate is a minor change to an unseen portion of the speaker, I do prefer it. It flows nicely and fits into the minimal and balanced aesthetic that Audio Pro has strived towards. Again, a nice touch that speaks of a holistic and detail-orientated approach to speaker design. I'll talk more about what the changes to the inputs and exhaust means below in Usability and Performance.

About this item

  • Powerful, award-winning sound with 3-way multi-room flexibility
  • Bluetooth 4.2 for quality music streaming
  • Six presets
  • Power Output - Watts per CH 80 watts total
  • Speaker Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 320 x 180 x 166
  • Included Components: 1 x wireless speaker 
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